How to kill ivy without herbicides

How to kill English ivy

How to kill English ivy No offense to the English, but please get out of my yard. Here in the United States, English ivy plants are an unwelcome invasive species. It has been the bane of my existence for the last 12 years while trying to transform our North Carolina …

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How to Clean A Bird Bath

how to clean a bird bath

We have a bird bath in our front yard and love to watch the birds splashing happily and enjoying a drink. But if not maintained properly, a dirty bird bath is less attractive to birds and can actually spread disease to both birds and humans. So here’s a quick lesson …

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How to Make a Monarch Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterly garden

Monarch butterflies are in trouble. The global monarch population has plummeted in the past 20 years, shrinking  from 1 billion to just 55 million. This has been caused by changes in agriculture, use of pesticides, conversion of grasslands to crops, and destruction of their wintering habitat in Mexico. A recent …

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How To Make a Pond For Wildlife

Pond for Wildlife

When people ask how to attract wildlife to their yard we have two simple answers: plant native plants and make a pond! Even a small pond will attract wildlife of all sorts to your yard from birds to dragonflies to frogs. And it’s surprisingly easy to do! All you need …

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